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Cookies and delicacies Ideas for Chinese New Year 2019

Say a warm welcome to this coming Chinese New Year with some delicious cookies ideas. Everyone is excited to have fun. Let’s celebrate this New Year with an additional layer of delicious cookies and delicacies. The best festivity charm is food, and Chinese New Year Snacks and Cookies are heart favorites to all of us.

Today I am going to list a few amazing types of cookies and delicacies just for you guys to spice up the New Year celebrations. If you just want to make some cookies for your family, make sure you visit our shop in Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur, or buy online here.

Types of Chinese Cookies

There are so many types of delicious cookies and cake ideas. My favorite one is Chinese New Year butter cookies and Chinese New Year Almond cookies. Take a look at few luscious cookies and delicacies ideas.

1.Nuts Crispy Brittle Sweet Nut Brittle Sweet

This is a traditional but mouth-watering Chinese New Year Snack that is made of peanut and sugar or brown sugar. It is transparent by look and tastes so delectable. It is crunchy, crispy and delicious. You & your guests will love to eat.

2.Cherry Blossom Stained Glass Cookies Cherry Blossom Stained Glass Cookies

This is a very trendy cookie and unique in its taste. Chinese New Year celebrations are incomplete without cherry blossom stained glass cookies. These cookies are also known as “church window”. New Year comes with new spring, so these floral cookies are the perfect match for this event.

The recipe of these beauties is so simple. You just need plain flour, butter, icing sugar and some hard candy of your choice and that’s it… you are all set to bake this perfect delicacy.  

3.Nestum CookiesCookies with teapot beside

Who doesn’t like Nestum all family cereal? Let’s make this New Year best with these Chinese New Year nestum cereal cookies. This easy quick recipe; you have to prepare some cookies dough and coat it with milk, yolk and yummy strawberry jam. Your kids are going to love it on the New Year festival.

4.Salted Egg Yolk Cookies

Salted egg yolk has created a new dimension of tastes. This is the best and unique thing that elevates the recipe to an exquisite level. This is a very simple Chinese new year cookies recipe that will leave a magical effect on everyone at the party. Enjoy the sweet New Year event and have these buttery cookies with your family.

5.Cream Cheese Bakkwa Cookies

The name speaks louder as it is a perfect combination of cream and cheese for a cookie. This is an obligatory type of Chinese New Year butter cookies. Cheese and cream make the cookie dough soft and bakkwa makes it unique in taste. Your New Year celebrations are definitely going to get the boost with this sweet addition.

6.Kuih BahuluKuih Bahulu

It is a Malay cookie that was found in Malaysia and Singapore. These are soft like a cake but delicious more than a cake. So, it is time to add some traditional taste with this type of cookies to your Chinese New Year celebrations.

7.Short Bread Cookies

Soft and easy quick baked cookies that are stirred in vanilla to enhance the delightful sugary effect. These cookies are very famous addition in Chinese New Year cookies collection and need only three ingredients and the results are mouth-watering and delicious.

8.London Almond CookiesLondon Almond Cookies

Almond is a very special ingredient for cookies because it can be used in many ways. Chinese New Year almond cookies are the luscious and amazingly tasty table item for the celebration. Kids and elders both are going to love these cookies. These crunchy and light cookies will make your day special indeed.

9.Daisy Biscuits

Say welcome to New Year with these pleasant and soft looking delicious sweet Daisy biscuits. Adorn your New Year table with these beauties and get the place in everyone’s good cook book. Dip these buttery biscuits in hot tea and experience the best festive feelings ever.

10.Shape Butter Cookies

Soft and creamy biscuits are all-time favorite choice in frosty season. These special butter cookies are made in “S” shape to enhance the delicacy of the sweetness and add some warmness to your relations. These are traditional cookies familiar by all kids and elders. The sweet smell of these cookies feels special because it always reminds us of our beautiful childhood.

11.Plum Blossom Cookies

Isn’t it amazing to decorate your dessert and dining table with some cheery floral biscuits? Chinese New Year cookies 2018 collection was relished and elevated by these little sweet flowers and still “in” for 2019. Plan to bake and get the recipe with simple easy steps.

12.Kuih Momo

Kuih momo is a very special cookies item that is a required and binding part of the Chinese New Year delicacy. Create some uniqueness in your dessert list with these milky luscious cookies. Kuih momo is made of ghee, flour and milk powder along with other ingredients. Sit in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy these cookies.

13.Walnut Crispy Cookies

Handful walnuts with cream, butter, flour, sugar and an egg make some great Chinese New Year Crispy crunchy sweet cookies. These cookies are crunchy from the outside but soft from inside. So, whether you want to make your New Year breakfast healthy and tasty OR want to serve your guests, these cookies are going to make your family gathering more pleasant.

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14.Open-Faced Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year celebrations and pineapple tarts are two mandatory things. Kids really love these fluffy tasty and toothsome open faced tarts made of pineapple with other delicious ingredients. These milky tarts are going to melt in your mouth and will make you feel great. The specialty of these tarts is that they are really presentable.

15.Traditional Kuih Bang Kit

Another type of traditional cookies is Kuih bang kit. It is a light coconut cream cookie. These cookies give smooth and creamy taste when melting in the mouth and leave the tasteful aroma for a long time. One will never fed-up eating these cookies.

16.Chinese new year sesame cookies

Sesame cookies are perfect delicacy treat for Chinese New Year. They are as usual delicate, soft and super in taste. These cookies add an additional layer to the beauty of your desserts and cookies table. Chinese New Year sesame cookies recipe ingredients are very simple but the method is very special and unique.

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