Why Premixes?

The world of baking is one of the dearest things to the humankind. There is no way that we are going to deny these flour-based foods that are crafted in the oven to be served beautifully and entice our appetite to the next level. As soon as we listen to the word “bakery”, our taste buds begin to get tickled – and we begin to dream of all the yummy things that could land in our tummy. But the traditional procedure of bakery is something that would take longer than you know.

Bakery put simply, is all about precision. We cannot emphasize on it enough as to how precise you must be while you decide to bake. All the ingredients must be in the right quantity else you might end up messing with the dish you desire. We are humans and after all “to err is human”. We are deeply intertwined with making errors but it is these errors that have allowed us to stumble upon various inventions and discoveries which are going to help us in the longer term. Technology, invented by humans, has helped us a great deal and we are never going to be able to thank it enough.


Having mentioned precision in “bakery”, the ingredients in a few baked products are too many and for a few – the ingredients are few. But keeping a tab on each one of them in accordance with the quantity so required, sounds tolling right? This is when a premix comes to your rescue. Premix, or more commonly known as a baking mix, is the formulation of ingredients so as to be used for the cooking of baked products. However, premixes are short of the base flour which needs to be added by the baker before proceeding to knead the premix. This also makes for the best quality of a premix since it allows you to maintain the freshness of whatever it is that you are deciding to bake.

The idea that we are trying to put across the table is that premixes have evolved to become a part of this day to render enhanced amounts of convenience to you and confer an enormous amount of benefits to you – to say the least. Now you might be wondering what are the benefits of premixes? Come on, we can read your mind. Just kidding, that is exactly what we were about to introduce you to next.

Advantages of Premixes:

  1. Convenience:

Have we said it right? Most people believe that the bakers out there are baking their products from scratch. However, such is not the case. Most of them are dependent upon premixes. And what’s not to use in them? If apart from adding water (or base flour, in some cases) is all that has to be done then, obviously, premixes make for a great utility, don’t they? Also, it makes it easy for you to bake without having to put in a lot of effort and skill.

  1. Cost effective:

Because all your ingredients have been combined into one. This reduces overspending on a particular ingredient which would later be expired because of its shelf life. Thus, making your cake procedure swift as well as pocket-friendly. You might think that baking mixes are on the higher end of the price spectrum – this would mean shelling out more money. You can buy in accordance with how much you are supposed to bake, thus, making the whole procedure pocket-friendly.

  1. Consistency:

While you are at it, you might be of the opinion that premixes may compromise the quality of the cake and bring you dishonour. This in no way is going to be the case because premixes allow you to add fresh base flour which is going to make your cake fresh as ever while maintaining the quality of it, throughout the procedure.

  1. Creativity:

If you expect the procedure to become monotonous then you are getting it wrong. Your bakes can still be creative as you would like them to be without having to put in a lot of thought. You can influence the essence of the premix by adding whatever you think lacks in your desired bake. Thus, bid adieu to thoughts about standardization.

  1. Speed:

SPEED. let’s not forget speed. You would be completing your work as the flash. Thus, if there are guests at your place and you are hoping to serve them with baked food items – then you know you would be just in time to satisfy the sweet tooth in your guests. Or if you have got a deadline to meet – then way to go! Premixes are just the right thing to resort to.

  1. Consumer interactivity:

The incompleteness of a premix is what makes it so desirable for the consumers. You know even when you have made the slightest contribution into the end result – then there is this hidden beautiful feeling because of the greater satisfaction you derive out it. And the wonderful sensation of having made something on your own is inexplicable, isn’t it?

  1. Variety:

Premixes or baking mixes are available in huge quantities and they are not limited to just a few products. Thus, you can decide to increase the variety in your baking endeavours and make it one to enjoy.

  1. Ladder to learn:

Premixes help you in accumulation of knowledge because it is going to help you in getting an insight into what ingredients play an important role while you are baking and also help you in understanding what quantities of them are going to serve to be sufficient while you bake from the scratch,  if ever because premixes make for amazing alternatives and nobody wishes to cut ties with these wonderful products. If you are baking for the sake of learning, then you know premixes have got you covered and you can invest your time in learning something that is going to help you tap the marketplace better.

There is an ample number of people out there in the marketplace who are in a constant debate with regard to the use of premixes and how beneficial they are. We have listed all the benefits that are likely to be accrued to you once you become a part of making use of premixes and then it would be for you to decide which path you choose to tread on.

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