July 2018

How to make Snow Skin Mooncake

http://Array Ingredients: Snow Skin Mix 冰皮月饼混合粉 – 1 pkt Essence 香精 – 1/2 tsp Shortening 白油 – 80 gm Cold Water 冷水 – 220ml Filling at your preference 馅料自由选择 Steps 将班兰香精倒入水中搅拌均匀 Mix well the pandan paste with cold water 将冰皮月饼混合粉,白油和刚完成的班兰水搅拌成团 Mix snow skin mix, shortening and the pandan-taste water you just made to form a …

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The first post

Hello! Welcome to our newly set up website! This is an e-commerce website which we are selling our products and utensils. We are bringing our brick and mortars retail business online and also to provide a platform for you to share some tips or  insight on baking. From time to time we will update on …

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