Agar-agar Mooncake Premix

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A) Ingredients Filling (材料馅料)
Agar-agar mooncake mix A  燕菜月饼粉A       – 1 pkt
Water  水    – 200ml
Coconut Milk 椰浆    – 200ml
Red bean/Lotus/Chocolate/Yam/Green Tea Paste  红豆/莲蓉/巧克力/芋头/绿茶馅    – 250gm

Method (做法):
1) Cook all the ingredients filling until boil. Then pour into the mould. Leave it cool.

B) Ingredients Skin (材料皮)
Agar-agar mooncake mix B  燕菜月饼粉B      – 1 pkt
Water  水    -200ml
Coconut Milk 椰浆  -400ml
Fresh Milk 奶水   – 100ml

Method (做法):
1) Cook all the ingredients until boil. Pour 1/3 mixture into the mould, leave it half set, put the filling and fill up another portion of mixture. Place the agar-agar into refrigerator. Serve cold.


Vanilla, Yam, Chocolate, Pandan


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