Why Premixes?

The world of baking is one of the dearest things to the humankind. There is no way that we are going to deny these flour-based foods that are crafted in the oven to be served beautifully and entice our appetite to the next level. As soon as we listen to the word “bakery”, our taste …

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How to make Snow Skin Mooncake

http://Array Ingredients: Snow Skin Mix 冰皮月饼混合粉 – 1 pkt Essence 香精 – 1/2 tsp Shortening 白油 – 80 gm Cold Water 冷水 – 220ml Filling at your preference 馅料自由选择 Steps 将班兰香精倒入水中搅拌均匀 Mix well the pandan paste with cold water 将冰皮月饼混合粉,白油和刚完成的班兰水搅拌成团 Mix snow skin mix, shortening and the pandan-taste water you just made to form a …

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